Kākano (Under Twos)

We welcome your interest in enrolling your child at Little Acorns. Here is some initial information about under 2’s room; Kākano

In Kākano room, we believe that children’s needs take precedence over any routines that may be convenient for the centre or the staff. We will work with you to try and replicate your child’s home routine as much as possible. Throughout the day the children are free to choose what activities they will explore and engage in and we try to set up experiences that extend on current interests/strengths/urges etc. We will offer a range of small ’group’ times that may involve singing/dancing, puppets, books etc but it is optional for your child to join in.

Research shows that children do not need to be taught how to master their milestones, as they can be developed naturally. Here at Little Acorns, we believe it is important to allow our tamariki to lead their own development, therefore we try not to place a child in a position that they cannot get into or out of themselves. This way, they are safely exploring their environment until they can manipulate their bodies into other positions by themselves.

Everyday experiences include:

  • Care as a curriculum-respectful and unhurried routines
  • Outdoor play/activities-balls, climbing, sandpit, bikes
  • Art and Craft activities-painting, collage, drawing
  • Building and construction-blocks, natural materials
  • Reading, story-telling, puppets
  • Music-singing, instruments
  • Dramatic play-dolls, dress ups, role playing, dance
  • Manipulative play-puzzles, stacking
  • Sensory-playdough, water play, messy play
  • Experimentation- science, sand, water, gardening

Food and Drink

Children bring their own lunch, snacks, and water bottle. We encourage children to have a healthy and fulfilling lunch.

We are happy to reheat food using the microwave, or to make toast.

If your child is having bottles of breastmilk or formula, we will prepare and give these in accordance with our Food and Nutrition policy.